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Special Therapies of
Unani Traditional Medicine

After a complete evaluation of the innate constitution of the patient, including evaluating the temperament and quality and quantity of humours, the Unani Hakim applies therapies aimed at restoring the entire internal and external biotic environment to a state of balance.

Such measures include: Ripening (Munzij) and Purging (Mushil); Cupping (Mahajim); Sweating (Taareeq); Diuresis (Idrare Baul); Bath Therapy (Hammam); Massage Techniques (Dalak); Purging (Qai); and Exercise (Riyazat).

If altered humours are the cause of metabolic changes, evacuation by purging is the course usually chosen by the Unani Hakim. Before evacuation of such matters, it is necessary transformed the abnormal and undesirable matter into a consistency which makes evacuation easy and complete. This process is called coction, a unique feature of the Unani system of Traditional Medicine.

In this section we introduce some common measures employed in the Unani therapeutic process. The applications involving botanicals are extensive, and therefore have been given their own section.