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The accepted standard for customer communication copy analysis since 2002.

Advanced Marketing Institute was launched in 2002 with a groundbreaking proprietary analysis methodology, Emotional Marketing Value. Since then, marketing, copywriting, and sales professionals from around the world have made the analysis tools offered by AMI the accepted standard for English language customer communication copy analysis.

As a concept, aiming marketing communication in the direction of consumers' emotional response mechanism is more than a century old, but before the introduction of AMI's EMV system, no tangible analysis was available.

The methods for the EMV system of analysis are credited to the research work of Dr. Hakim Chishti, proprietor of the Advanced Marketing Institute. As a United States Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Chishti studied linguistics and spirituality throughout the 1970s; his specialized area of research was in the Near East, studying the roots of several languages including Persian, Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic, and others.

Universal Harmonies

AMI's EMV analysis tools search for harmonies, tonality, multi-syllabic words, and other criteria that occur consistently across different languages. Irrespective of specific meaning of words, these harmonies are universal and more profound than simple dictionary meanings of words. Whereas sometimes the meaning of a word can be interpreted in multiple ways, Dr. Chishti's research presented the theory that sounds supersede meaning and emotional response to universal communication was more likely as each language found and incorporated these sounds as part of human nature.

In 1977, Dr. Chishti presented his findings to a symposium of scholars. At the time, technology was not a part of the discussions scholars engaged about linguistics. However, by the late 1990s, the technology was available to begin a voice analysis project and it was this project that would be the seed from which Advanced Marketing Institute grew.

Emotional Marketing Value

Emotional Marketing Value (abbreviated with the acronym EMV) is a proprietary methodology for assigning a numerical value to the emotional impact of a piece of text. In simple terms, the value is a percentage rating with 0 being no words containing emotional impact, and 100 being all words containing emotional impact.

Though to many the idea of an analysis tool based on theory would seem to be an anecdotal insight at best. However, with more than 18 years of analysis and scrutiny by some of the greatest marketing minds of our generation, the EMV system from Advanced Marketing Institute has remained a staple in the toolkit of hundreds of thousands of marketers, providing valuable insights that translate into real world results.

Linking Emotions to Action

Numerous casual studies have linked the results of AMI's EMV results to the performance of marketing headlines. Since 2002 the EMV Headline Analyzer has been offered as a free tool to the marketing community and is used to research for new headlines and to provide reference for existing headlines. Hundreds of writers and bloggers recommending the AMI Headline Analyzer as a useful tool, with some linking EMV analysis to positive results like clicks or shares.

Used by Industry Leaders

The Advanced Marketing Institute's Headline Analyzer is used to analyze millions of headlines every year. Marketing professionals from companies large and small, including: