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Emotional Diseases

    The complex behaviors of man and the myriad events of life give rise to various emotional disturbances. Moreover, many of the prescription drugs used for mental diseases, themselves cause pathelogical conditions, inhibit the cardiac function or psychic disfunction.

    In Western society, an individual is under great stress and suffers from a chain of complexes and anxieties which ultimately lead to maniac depressions, nervous breakdown, functional disorders of heart and even suicide. The pharmaceutical companies administer billions of tranquilizers and psychomotor stimulants, which cause a great number of side effects. Unani Traditional Healing has an unparalleled understanding of how to adjust both the psycological and nervous systems using traditional herbal formulas.

    No other healing system in the world is in a position to provide any such therapy which offers relief from all sorts of depressive states or from psychoneurotic conditions, without also giving rise to unwanted side effects. The Unani Herbs, either simple or in compound form, produce a sense of wellbeing, confidence, pleasant elation, mental correlation and sound behaviour without any intoxication or addiction.