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Excretion & Retention

    The process of complex digestion according to Unani healing has three stages: digestion, assimilation, and excretion.

    The first stage involves selection of food, preparation or cooking of the food, and ingestion into the mouth, up to the arrival at the stomach.

    The second stage of digestion, covers the processing of the food by the stomach, and up to the arrival at the liver. There, the food is broken down into thousands of biochemical components, which travel in many directions and perform a vast array of functions by being assimilated into the body.

    Once the process of the assimilation of nutrient substances is completed, the by-products of digestion are eliminated.

    In many other sections are discussed various aspects of each of these stages. One can see, for example, by analysis of the urine, whether or not complete assimilation of certain food substances has occurred. If there is not complete excretion of the by-products of the body, leading to their being retained, diseases can arise.

    Therefore, most of the therapeutic measures suggested in Unani healing are aimed to ensure that the food and nutrient substances are fully assimilated and eliminated, or to use various measures and herbal medicines to assist this process if it is impaired.