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Highlights of the Unani Web Site

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New to Unani Herbal Healing? Here is a fascinating account of meeting with a traditional Unani Hakim in Kabul's old bazaar.
A quick overview of Unani

The Three Great Traditions of Herbal Healing---Unani, Chinese and Ayurveda---are compared with Western Medicine.
Comparison of the Three Great Traditional Systems

So many theories and treatments for the number one degenerative disease. Here is the Unani perspective on this dread disease.
Unani View on Cancer

A unique feature of Unani is the ability to evaluate over 1,000 factors of health, in seconds, just by feeling the pulse. Here is how it is done.
Pulse Diagnosis

A key concept of all traditional systems is the Doctrine of Humours. This is a method to determine exactly how well your body's innate systems are functioning.
Theory of Humours

Here is a list of the 20 Most Popular Herbs Used in the Unani system of natural healing.
20 Most Popular Herbs

Visit the number one resource in the world for discussion about Unani Traditional healing. Ask questions, and follow the experts as they reveal how Unani works.
Unani Discussion Boards

You will not find this kind of information anywhere else! If you want to know the best way to combine herbs into effective formulas, you must read this section!
How to Compound Herbs

What are the six basic, and most important, aspects to staying healthy? Unani identifies them, and tells you how to make sure you keep them in balance, for true health.
The Six Key Factors of Health

The most important concept in Unani Traditional healing is: "Food is Your Best Medicine." Discover exactly WHY food is the key to health, and choose your foods for maximum health from a chart giving the optimum metabolic force of foods.
Food is Your Best Medicine

Herbal Practitioners, Physicians and researchers can find a complete presentation of the entire Unani Diagnostic process. What techniques are used, and what they show.
Unani Diagnostic Process

How much of a particular herb should you take? What are correct doses for children? Find out exact directions here.
Correct Dosages of Herbs

Want to save a lot money by making your own herbs up into poultices, salves, and tinctures, not to mention making sure they contain the correct ingredients? Here are all the ways to make herbs work.
Making Herbal Preparations

If you are a student or researcher in Unani Medicine, here are hundreds of current research results on Unani from all over the world. MEDLINE database listings, plus research from the World Congress on Unani Medicine held in India.
Worldwide Unani Research