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     Through its computerized database, the Institute regularly searches Medical Databases for all references to current research on Unani medicine. For example, a recent search found published results of clinical trials of nigella sativa carried out by a team of Muslim medical researchers in Florida, who found the herb to be effective in boosting immune function, and preliminary results seem favorable toward treatment of cancer and aids.

    We will shortly make available a list of many hundreds of published papers related to research relevant to Unani Traditional Healing being carried on throughout the world.

     The main areas of research conducted through the Institute are:

Fundamental Research

Unani Medicine through history

Basic principles, concepts and philosophies of Unani Medicine

Classical literature in Unani Medicine

Prevention of disease and promotion of health in Unani Medicine

Applied Research

Clinical research

Drug standardization research

Survey, cultivation, pharmacognosy and pharmacology of medicinal plants

Unani pharmaceuticals, manufacture and sale

Unani Medicine and emotional disorders

Unani Traditional & Spiritual Healing integration