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Unani Traditional Medicine Research

Presented at First World Conference
on Unani Medicine
New Delhi, India
February, 1987

Medicinal Plants/Ethnobotany

Role of folk beliefs and practices In promoting health and combating diseases.

A successful attempt to cultivate Affimoon Vilayatt at Aligarh

Folk drugs employed by the rural population of Main Puri Forest Division, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Some common Unani medicinal plants of South India, An appraisal

Germplasm assessment of some rare and threatened medicinal plants of Kashmir Himalayas.

Ethnobotanical studies and floristic diversity of Suru Valley (Zanskar).

Introduction and domestication of liquorice into Indian agriculture.

Effect of NPK & Diammonium phosphate on the growth and development of Althaea officinalis L (Khatmi)

Madras: New home for Mulethl (Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn.)

Some traditional aquatic medicinal plants from Sitapur Distt. U.P.

Remedios caseros for curing arthritis In Kashmir Himalaya

Medicinal plants used by Khonds of District Phulbanl

Fruit yield and solasodine content of Mako (Solanum nigrum) in relation to combined application of Nitrogen & Phosphorus

Search for antimalarial drugs from plants: Survey of tribal pockets of Orissa

Experimental cultivation of Asal Ral (Brassica Juncea Linn.) Czem and Coss

Fertilizer requirements of Isaphgol (Plantago ouata Forsk) newly Introduced to Western U.P. & Delhi

Effect of Nitrogen application on growth and yield of Tukhme Balanga (Lallemantia royleana Benth)

Cultivation of tropane alkaloid yielding plants In the hilly tracts of Darjeeling

Boswellia serrata: An under exploited plant of medicinal importance can be put to better use

Folklore claims from Budaun Distt. U.P.

Plants used for reproductive health among tribals of Orissa

Evaluation of three species of Hyoscyamus for their commercial cultivation under different environment.

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