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Unani Traditional Medicine Research

Presented at First World Conference
on Unani Medicine
New Delhi, India
February, 1987

Chemistry/Pharmacognosy/Drug Standardization

Cd++ & Zn++ In cardiovascular pathology and cardioprotective effects of Zn++ containing herbs

Bhadraprash: A proposed herbal remedy for diabetes mellitus

Role of liver In limiting inflammation and elucidation of mode of action of Unani antiarthritic agents

Effects of QAH2 on experimentally Induced gastric acid secretion In rats

Hepatoprotective investigations on Andrographis paniculata Nees

Effects of Cassia fistula Linn. (Amaltas) whole powder on blood glucose levels on normal and alloxan diabetic rabbits

Biological active principles of Pruneila vulgaris (Labiatae)

Pharmacognosy of an Indian traditional drug Punarnava.

Determination of fatty acid composition of Raughaniat (oils) by GLC.

Comparative studies of volatile oils, Arqlyat by GLC and elemental composition of Unani drugs by AAS.

Pharmacognostic investigation of Badam Talkha Unani drug.

Drug standardization: A dire need today to combat disease.

Standardization of Khamirae Zahar Mohraa compound Unani formulation.

Significance of certain protocols adopted in the standardization and their results as applied to some compound formulations.

Import substitute drugs of Unani medicine Standardization studies.

Phytochemical screening of some medicinal plants used by the tribals of Darjeeling (West Bengal Hills).

Need for standardization of 'Nuzj' and 'Tanquiah' the specialized therapeutic methodology in Unani medicine.

Standardization of medicated oils.

Fluorescence quenching: An aid to drug Identification.

Variations In the protein and amino acid contents of Bhangra (Eclipta prostrata Linn.) In relation to habitat character.

Pharmacognostical and phytochemical standardization of Iklilul Malik

Application of the computer In Identification of Unani powdered drugs.

Pharmacognostic studies on the Unani drug Gui Zoofa Yabis (Hyssopus officinalis Linn).

Identification of Zambaqan abandoned drug of Unani repository.

Pharmacognostic studies In Kal Megh Andrographis paniculata Nees).

Determination of saffron in compound Unani drugs.

Standardization of Raughaniat (oils) Part II.

Pharmacognostic studies on Inderjau Talkh and its adulterant Inderjau Shireen.

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